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With more choices than ever before, more and more communities have been picking Spiceciti for their Sri Lankan, Indian, Malaysian and Nepalese food shopping. From freshly ground organic spices to the choicest organic lentils, authentic mixtures and all other requirements such as a beautiful packet of ground organic cinnamon, turmeric, cumin powder, coriander powder, fresh paan, hygienically prepared pappadams, and much more, we always have the best for you. Its’ not just about price, it’s always about the best quality for all budgets. When it comes to the community, we’ll provide the greater food every time.

Ask for recipes and they will be emailed to you.
Ask for delivery and your order will be delivered.
Ask for advice regarding your grocery needs and it will be provided.
Spiceciti – at your service to create better and healthier community.
That’s Why you pick Spiceciti at all times
Spiceciti —- one stop shop for all your Srilankan, Indian, Napalese, Malaysian and other grocery needs.
Spiceciti —– Value for money —- you get the best price possible.
Spiceciti —– Personalised service —- as and when needed.
Spiceciti —– Delivery Gurus for all orders above $80.00
Spiceciti —– Covenient ordering over the phone at 03 9311 4156 or email
Spiceciti —– Longer opening hours – 9am – 9pm – to serve as per your availability.
SPICECITI — Come and have an outstanding experience.